• Personal Ads

    Personal Ads

    Seeking: A shorter evening commute. Must not involve the American Legion Memorial Bridge, since accidents before and after it contribute to at least a 25 minute delay every single evening, according to Google Maps. Preferably does not involve the Capital Beltway at all, in any direction, for any amount of time, but a little bit […] Read more…

  • Hide and Seek

    God’s Game of Seek & Find

    It’s October. We’ve decorated for fall but we’re focused on a December wedding. To be honest, I have been a heap of nerves up until the last week of September and then God granted me extraordinary calm and all that I needed. But I guess I need to back up. Here, in North Carolina, we […] Read more…


  • Mercy = God

    Mercy = God

    Lately I’ve been reading a lot about the “bleeding woman” or the woman with the “blood problem”. It’s the story in the Bible about the woman who had her period for 12 years. Something that nowadays could probably be fixed with a simple surgery. This woman sacrificed everything she owned to get treatment with no […] Read more…

  • Cats & Dogs & Goats

    Cats and Dogs and Goats, Oh My!

      The word “mercy” takes me back. To the living room of our friends, Clete and Pam. The small group Bible study they hosted was the first I ever attended. Pam had the gift of hospitality and Clete was an excellent Bible teacher, adept at facilitating discussions so everyone got a chance to contribute, not […] Read more…