• Keeper of the Light

    Keeper of the Light

    In January of this year, I headed toward the light. The source of the brightness was a church across the river—Kingdom Evangelical Methodist Church. There I attended a weekend Bible conference but really, it could have been a seminary semester. Back at home Friday night, I texted a number of friends: “I don’t know what […] Read more…

  • The Light

    The Light

    As a self-professed people watcher, I don’t just look at people coming and going, what they’re wearing or how they’re behaving. No, I also look at their eyes. The eyes and facial expressions say more than words ever could. My observations often make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh so hard tears begin streaming down my […] Read more…


  • Humility Pie

    Humility Pie

    My church is untraditional in several ways. For now, we meet in the back of a thrift store which means on any given Sunday, you can get God and maybe find the bunk beds you need for your kids too. At City Church in Morgantown, West Virginia, there is no paid staff, no one, he’s […] Read more…

  • Revealed


    With a sunrise over the forest, you reveal yourself to me— The trees, dense with fog, naked in season; The ground, brown, hard; The sky, alive, ablaze in glory— Yet I fail to see you. On an early morning drive, you reveal yourself to me— Exhaust rising, 65 miles per hour, Crossing the Potomac. Your […] Read more…