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Posts by Cole Smith

Renewed Each Morning

I could never find enough time with Him during the day. I’d hear other people mention their “quiet time” or “prayer closet”, and feel a pang of guilt—and envy. ‘I should be doing that’, I thought. But the stillness never seemed to arrive once I started my daily routines. Even the weekends filled with errands…

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The Questions in Their Hearts

When I first started working in a classroom, friends and family asked how I would maintain discipline with a room full of teenagers. Short and soft-spoken, I worried about that, myself. Turns out, keeping good discipline isn’t the hardest part of working with teens – not even close. It’s the uncertainty. Some students have endured…

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Choosing Love

One of my friends from our nine-member graduating class calls once a year. He’s one of the most motivated people I know. In fact, some of the rest of us nicknamed him ‘Guru’. Neither he nor I are very good at small talk, so this yearly call tends to be a three-hour soul purge of…

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Desert Wandering

The air shimmered above the sand, radiating heat. Hillside after hillside of sage brush and twisted pinion pines curved against the horizon, each identical to the others. I could feel the sun blistering my helmet. Far below, the town gleamed like a pendant strung on the shining river that wound through the valley. Technically, I…

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