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Posts by Gretchen Hanna

What’s Your Type?

I was recently at the graduation party of a young friend of mine who majored in Psychology. As part of her party fun, she offered her invitees an opportunity to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and wear our types on our name tag.  In case you haven’t heard of the Myers-Briggs, it was developed…

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Nothing Left To Lose

I’m not sure exactly why, but often a song comes to mind – sometimes only a snippet – when I think about the topic words for each month’s post. July’s very apt subject is freedom, so it makes sense, doesn’t it (I’m asking for a friend) that the song that pops into my head is…

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Smells Like Team Spirit

When you were growing up, did you ever learn and chant: We’ve got spirit, Yes, we do! We’ve got spirit, How about you?!!! I remember shouting this out at any type of team event, whether across the field or the gym with a rival crowd. Of course, the winner (at least of the cheering competition)…

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Bushwhacking Through to Clarity

Whenever I go on beautiful mountain drives – for example, Going to the Sun in West Glacier, Montana – I revel in the treasures of beauty, from glaciers to blades of grass, waterfalls to rock formations. Often on one of these types of sojourns, I view what I imagine must be the closest thing to…

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