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Posts by Laura Rodgers

Januarys are Worse than Mondays

In my opinion, Januarys are worse than Mondays by a long shot. It is my least favorite time of the year. First, I have mixed emotions about putting away the Christmas stuff. The only way I can think of to describe it is “painfully wonderful”. I’m tired of Christmas, but I’m sad to see it…

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Pretty Paper and a Shiny Bow

It’s December already! Each year I am on this earth it comes quicker and quicker. I feel like it’s January, June, and then December. A whole year in 3 months. How is that possible? When I was a little girl it seemed like the time from the Sears and Roebucks Gift Catalog came in the…

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On The Road with Mary & Martha

Today was beautiful and officially Autumn Eve. I love the Pennsylvania fall pumpkin-spice-everything time. True, it was on the warmer side but still cool enough for this Texas girl to say it was fall-like weather. All week long I’ve had the privilege of driving through the Pennsylvania countryside to get to work and it’s been…

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Like Mike

Laura Rodgers

I was jolted awake from a bad dream and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I made out a familiar lump at the foot of my bed. It was a four-legged lump of warm fur. That lump is our family’s version of Grumpy Cat, Mike. He lay peacefully sleeping. So I stroked his warm…

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