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Posts by Sarah Eshleman

Weighing In On High-Fat Diets and God’s High Ways

You’ll have to forgive me: when I heard the prompt for this month was wait, I immediately pictured my bathroom scales. You see, about two months ago I started a new dietary lifestyle, the ketogenic diet. It’s a low carb and high fat program meant to lure your body away from sugars, giving it a…

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I once witnessed a butterfly sliding head first out of its chrysalis. It struggled for an hour, pressing its wings against the confining shell as it wiggled millimeters at a time toward freedom. Finally, it emerged enough to grasp the casing and pull itself up to a leaf where it sat opening and closing its…

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Charged Spirit

Back up to 100%: Tips for Recharging Your Spirit Like the nuclear reactor in a power plant, the spirit encased within your being is the very essence of who you are. It’s the crucial core that will heat your passion through hardship and fuel your endurance in the dismal times, or melt your fervor and annihilate your joy. It’s…

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And After The Fire

There was fire in the Smoky Mountains last November, and 280 miles away I smelled the smoke from the flames spreading across Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Two hours from where I grew up in South Carolina, Gatlinburg has long been my family’s weekend get-away. My parents were there the weekend before the wild flames burned around the…

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