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Posts by Sarah Robinson

Blessed Assurance

When life’s unforeseen troubles suck the wind right out of our sails, life-as-we-know-it can dramatically change direction. A once-predictable hurricane’s trajectory changes course People leave Flash floods inundate homes Loved ones fall ill Relationships sour How do we deal with life’s unexpected curves? One of the ways I’ve recovered from sudden change: let others help.…

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Slowing Down to Practice Fasting

We were created to eat drink and be merry, the Bible says. Going without food or something else you enjoy for any period of time can be tough. Fasting from food when your belly is used to being full can cause a whole series of miserable events: headache, weakness, or just plain feeling ill, like…

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Bring Down the Mountain Stillness

Last fall, when we hiked to the crest of a misty mountain in the Scottish Highlands, our women’s retreat group stood riveted by the view. Standing in the clouds, we watched the weather change right before our eyes. Fog cleared, and we spied portions of Applecross Bay a mile or so beneath us. We’d hiked…

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Goodbye 2017. Hello Uncertainty.

“If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything.” When I first heard this saying, I’d been feeling pressured to have a response–what to say—to those who’d called, who’d asked for an explanation of how/why my life had so abruptly changed. One minute I was a full-blown party girl, and the next, well…I wasn’t.…

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