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30 Days of Grace: A Month of Bible Devotions
by Jennifer Mobley Thompson, Natalie Liounis, Sarah Eshleman, Rebecca Montie Preston, Beth Bingaman, Courtney K. Steed, Denise Frank, Diane Karchner, Diane Tarantini, Gretchen Hanna

Several writers of Grace & Such have collaborated to bring you 30 Days of Grace. This book will take the reader through a month of inspirational Bible devotions. Discovering the heart of each writer as they reveal their thoughts on favorite scriptures, as well as the accompanying prayer, is the perfect way to start a day full of God’s Grace. And Such.


Divinely Dressed
by Penny Kendall

You are a Daughter of the King; a new creation, dearly loved, and chosen to wear the royal garments that reflect your true identity in Him.

DIVINELY DRESSED: PUTTING ON GARMENTS OF GRACE is a spiritual makeover; a transformative journey for God’s woman to find her true identity in Christ; to see herself through His eyes, and to exchange the old clothes of the world for garments so full of grace that the image of His glory will radiate from her life onto those around her.

You have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator” (Colossians 3: 9-10).

Using Paul’s letter to the Colossians as a guide, this eight-lesson study will shepherd those seeking individually or together in groups, through the important steps involved in setting aside the tattered, worn fashions which may not flatter the Christ-life, and replace them with qualities that compliment her so much better. She will learn who she is in Christ, and what garments best represent her identity in Him. She will discover how to put on the graces of Christ that will better serve to protect, identify, and beautify the woman she was created to be. She will walk away from this beauty consultation transformed, with a refreshed wardrobe that unmistakably reveals her identity as a daughter of the King.


* 8-lesson bible study based on Colossians 3:1-17
* Reflection questions at the end of each chapter
* Suited for individuals or class study
* Easy to Carry | 6″x 9″ | 150 pages


Waiting on Tiptoes: An Advent Devotional
by Diane Karchner

Advent is a season of waiting, of waiting for the Savior to come. But it’s also a season of anticipation when we try to peek and see what we know is on its way.

For the Jewish people, they were awaiting a mighty warrior to come and rescue them from Roman tyranny. They did not anticipate that their long-awaited Messiah would come into the world as a wee baby, born in the squalor of a stable. But God had different plans. 

Waiting on Tiptoes Advent Devotional is more than a study of waiting of the baby Jesus. It is also a reflection on the hope of what is to come. Just as the early believers waiting for their Messiah, we are not sure when and where and how Jesus will return. But we hope, we anticipate. 

We wait on tiptoes trying to get that first glimpse of eternity.


Beyond Hope: Closing in on the Cure for Cancer
by Diane Karchner

Diane survived cancer forty years ago, one of a few who did. With decades of advancements, cancer is still taking lives, including her sister’s in 2008. This book is a memoir of both – of survival

and loss, of hope and defeat. But more than that it is a search into why, even in her loss, she has faith that there will be a cure for all cancers in her lifetime. Jump into her story as she weaves in what used to be with the seeming miraculous advances that have been made since her cure. Her contagious belief that the cure is within reach will encourage and inspire all who battle the disease, who know someone who has, and who seek an end to this disease.


Everything You Need
by Courtney K. Steed

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness … (2 Peter 1:3) Everything we need? Managing relationships, balancing life’s busyness, dealing with stress, battling 

life’s outrageous expectations, scrounging for enough supply to meet the day’s demands, finding a sense of peace? Yes, really! If you’re striving to be a woman of God, His promise is for you. Tap into His power and put all of your weight on His promise. You can have everything you need, not only to survive the pressures, but to thrive in spite of them. Grace-drenched words for hurried, harried hearts. You will find hope and healing in these pages. Casandra Martin Christian author Everything You Need has been a wonderful study for my class! It has made my job as facilitator/teacher very easy because it is so comprehensive. I have been teaching ladies’ classes for over 20 years and this study has been one of the best I’ve ever taught. A great study for women in any stage of life and ministry. Sherrie Bradley I’m so thankful for this in-depth study because it reminds me daily of God’s promise that I have everything I need because He provides. Sherrie Spencer R.N., B.S.N., M.S.Q.A. Everything You Need has prompted the most change in my day-to-day life – more that any other workbook I have studied. I will … share it with other women who struggle with “I don’t have what it takes.” Bethany Doan

Raised in a ministry/missionary family, Courtney Kendall Steed carries on the family legacy as a Bible class teacher and frequent speaker at ladies’ retreats. She is a 2001 graduate of Harding University with a degree in nursing. She works part-time as she and her husband raise three sons near Nashville, TN. Courtney also blogs at


My Story: A Rollercoaster Ride to Healing
by Denise Frank

My Story: A Rollercoaster Ride to Healing is about Denise Frank’s journey from being a broken woman to becoming a whole woman. After twenty years in a relationship for all the wrong reasons, her

marriage nearly consumed her. Her children were watching her live a life devoid of joy and happiness. She cringed whenever her husband would come near her, and knew there had to be another way to live. She and her children deserved a happier, peaceful, and less-stressed life. Finally, Denise took God at His word and took that initial step of faith that forever changed her life.

It is her hope to spur other women from all walks of life to have the courage to take that step of faith and begin their own rollercoaster ride to healing. “I was homeless for the final eight weeks spent working on my book. My kids and I lived in a shelter, and I continued to write despite the situation we were in. Women have to know that, no matter where they are in life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”


Losing the Mask: Overcoming the Fear of Failure
by Diane Karchner

Losing the Mask: Overcoming the Fear of Failure is about living an authentic life and pursuing your God-given dreams. Often we pretend to be something we are not. We hide behind a ‘mask’ to 

give the illusion that we are something we are not. We hide to avoid taking risks. We hide because we are scared of failing. But hiding, although it may feel safe and comfortable, can become heavy with the weight of lost opportunities. Take no risk, there is no chance of failure. Take no risk, and you never build the resilience it takes to get strong. And sadly, take no risk, and there is no chance of feeling the exhilaration of success, and of reaching your dreams. Throughout the book, Diane shares her own experiences of overcoming the fear of failure, as well as what she has learned from 20 years of mentoring and managing people. Overcoming the fear of failure is worth every bit of effort it may take. Dreams longed shelved because of fear can be rekindled, and achieved. As Diane shares, overcoming the fear of failure is just a step at a time. Losing the Mask can provide the kick you may need to get out of your seat, on your feet, and taking steps toward achieving your dreams.


The Art of Falling in Love
by Jennifer Mobley Thompson (as J.D. Thompson)

Julia Ramsey, an art restoration technician with Art Revived, has a weakness for coffee, beautiful art, and widowed Darius Holcombe. Her attraction doesn’t seem to be returned, however, and she 

self-consciously chalks it up to her plus-sized frame.

Darius Holcombe is finally starting to think about another woman for the first time since his wife passed away. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite know what to do about it. Julia Ramsey is smart, gorgeous, and way out of his league.

A relationship seems hopeless until Julia meets Imogene and Herbert who offer sage advice and a little push in Darius’ direction. The trouble is they’re figures in an 18th century painting she’s restoring–a painting with a haunted past.