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Rebecca Montie Preston

Light In Someone’s Darkness

Becky Preson

As a young child rooted within the Christian faith, I learned many of the “Church” songs for kids.  “This Little Light of Mine” was one of them I remember, and one I even taught to my children.  If you don’t know it, here are the chorus and first stanza: This little light of mine, I’m…

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Obedience Is Our Identity

1 John, Obeying God

Growing up I was considered what James Dobson would call a “compliant child.”  I wasn’t overtly rebelling against anyone or anything.  I was too busy trying to make sense of the world, and how I was going to get through this thing called life.  Generally, I preferred to get lost in books, and being obedient…

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Waiting: An Exercise of Hope

The sermon was on Matthew 25. It is the parable of the three men who received three differing amounts of talents from the master who was leaving on a trip. Rather than go down the path of talking about how we should wisely use our talents or money, the pastor took a unique take on…

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Proclaiming Freedom

Years ago, I listened quite a bit to Christian radio. One of the people whose teachings I enjoyed was Steve Brown. He’s a retired Presbyterian pastor who may still teach at Reformed Seminary in Florida. He is a master in storytelling and he gives these quips that stick with you and help you learn about…

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