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Rebecca Montie Preston

Proclaiming Freedom

Years ago, I listened quite a bit to Christian radio. One of the people whose teachings I enjoyed was Steve Brown. He’s a retired Presbyterian pastor who may still teach at Reformed Seminary in Florida. He is a master in storytelling and he gives these quips that stick with you and help you learn about…

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The Riddle of Clarity

There is this riddle in my life: What is something I constantly seek, and when I think I have it, it slips away in a fog? Clarity. I search for clarity in regards to God’s will, his calling, some nugget of direction, and it often alludes me. I feel like a person in the dark…

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He Who Would Not Be Silenced

Inspiration often comes in the most curious fashion.  The word silence instantly brings to my mind the idea of the Spiritual Practice of Silence and Solitude, an often-life-giving practice.  I was quite certain that would be the direction in which I would follow in this blog, but enter a recent experience…. I was in a…

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