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Posts Tagged ‘fear’

And He Told Me Not To Fear

Natalie Liounis

When people ask me why bad things happen to good people, I tell them the truth: I have no idea. That’s just life, I guess. God sees things we don’t, and His Will is always perfect. I also offer the following thought: If we never have darkness, we’ll never appreciate the light. My year, up until…

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Grace Enough to Wait

Last year, in the spring and summer, I remember writing such optimistic posts. I was finally settling down in one city. I was finally looking for a full-time job. I finally got a full-time job. I finally got a dog. I was finally becoming a real adult. Things were really great. And, to be honest,…

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Thoughts on Fear

  I used to be afraid of flying. It’s probably a byproduct of being ten years old when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. I was in fifth grade, about to line up to go to the cafeteria for lunch. My teacher, who had been down the hall, came back into our homeroom—the…

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What Are You Doing Here?

  Elijah was emotionally spent. He had just proven to the people of Israel that God was much greater than Baal, which was a miracle for Elijah and a triumph for God. Unfortunately, Elijah was rewarded with threats and a warrant on his life by the powerful and dangerous Queen Jezebel. He was afraid, and…

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