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Posts Tagged ‘Holy Spirit’

A Stitch In Time

At home-group a while back, a story came out of me which for some reason I’d never told, and after the telling of it and a subsequent lengthy discussion, there was a space of silence. “We need prayer too,” one guy said finally. We all turned to him and waited. “So there’s another baby.” You…

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The Spirit That Connects

So in Christ, we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. ~Romans 12:5 In my role in the women’s ministry I lead, it’s my responsibility to find good Bible teachers for our Conferences. New to this world of Christian speakers, a wise man suggested some women to reach out…

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From Lips to Ears to Hearts

On a summer Sunday in 1998 I heard the sermon that changed my life. I don’t remember the message, but I remember the scripture. What I heard and what I felt are as fresh today as they were 18 years ago. Here’s the passage: For if you forgive other people when they sin against you,…

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Fresh Wind: Remembering

As I write this, it is early March. It’s a typical March day in Southeastern Pennsylvania: cool, no snow, and very windy.  Winnie the Pooh would describe today as a “blustery day.” I live in the woods, so it seems like windy days are more pronounced. The trees are quite tall and they sway precariously…

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