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Asked & Answered

G&S: Alright, Denise. You know the drill. What are some of your nicknames?

DF:   My dad called me CiCi when I was little because that’s what he called my aunt Claudia. He said I started correcting him when he’d call me. My family calls me Nieci, my brothers call me Boom (one of my mother’s younger sisters called me Nieciboom as a kid and the name stuck and followed me into adulthood.). My sister calls me Sissy and my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Niece. My daughter’s friends call me Momma D. Also, some people call me D.

G&S: Nieciboom is my favorite. I think I’ll start calling you that. Tell us who your immediate family members are, please.

My dad: Rodney Frank Sr.
My late mom: Marjorie Powell
My brothers: Rodney Frank II & Karlos Frank
Sister: Angela Frank
Children: Dominique (Domi) Frank-Vinson; Ezekiel (Zeke) Frank-Vinson; Joshua (Josh) Vinson; and Niles Vinson
Adorable Grandson: Galaxy Pitts

G&S: Where do you currently call home?

DF:   Fort Worth, TX

G&S: Do you like Fort Worth?

DF:   Living here has been an adventure.

G&S: How so?

DF:   There’s soooo much to do. I LOVE that where my apartment is situated is close to EVERYTHING. When it’s time to buy a house, I’ll forgo the high taxes for the convenience of being close to so many things…2 malls, restaurants, museums, downtown, etc.

G&S: Where else have you lived?

DF:   I was born and raised in Waterbury, CT and moved to Phoenixville, PA when I was 12; resided there for 28 yrs prior to coming to TX in 2014.

G&S: What takes up most of your time?

DF:   Being a mom to two very active athletic boys. They play AAU basketball and their practices and tournaments keep me very busy. Also, grading papers and becoming more acclimated as a first year teacher. HOWEVER, I make sure to get my daily half hour workouts in.

G&S: What are you reading right now?

DF:   Scarlet…the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series (a student recommended the first book, Cinder, and I’m now hooked on the series.)

G&S: Can you share what some of your all time favorite books are?

DF:   Hmmm…all of the V. C. Andrews books in The Flowers in the Attic series, The Art of Love by Erik Fromm, both books by Steve Harvey, The Help, The Outsiders, Ask and it is Given, Great Maria, The Secret Life of Bees, The Movie Goer and Man’s Search For Meaning. 

G&S: Oh, I loved “The Help”. And the movie followed the book pretty well. What about TV? What are some of your favorite shows?

DF:   All of the CSI shows, Criminal Mind, Being Mary Jane, The Real Husband’s of Hollywood, Rosewood, Empire, The Voice and Dancing With The Stars.

G&S: I really need to get caught up on Empire! But I digress. Which is your TV food of choice? Sweet or salty?

DF:   Popcorn popped on the stove…salty & very buttery of course.

G&S: What is your favorite holiday?

DF:   It’s a tossup between Thanksgiving & Christmas because I love family holidays.

G&S: What is your favorite scripture and why?

DF:   Jeremiah 29:11…it was for me through the lowest point in my life when people expected me to give up.

G&S: Why do you write for Grace & Such?

DF: I write for G & S because I love it’s founder! She is an awesome woman of God who is real and down to earth. A woman who, despite her station in life, has always treated me as an equal regardless of where I was and am in life. She accepted me for me…flaws and all. Also because women assume that those of us who have overcome major life challenges are “special” in some way. They think they’re incapable of overcoming insurmountable odds to become the best version of themself possible. G & S allows me to write from the heart in hopes of reaching a woman or women who need to hear a message only I can give in the way only I can give it.

G&S:  I’m truly humbled by your words, but you should know the feeling is mutual. And I’ve no doubt you’re reaching women with your wisdom! Thank you for playing along, Denise.

Don’t forget to ask Denise any questions you might have!

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  1. Gretchen on May 16, 2016 at 11:42 AM

    Yassss…popcorn popped on the stove with lots of salt and butter. There is no substitute. Wayyy better than movie style popcorn, IMHO.

    What would you say is the biggest “cultural” difference between the east/mid atlantic area and Ft Worth?

  2. Denise on May 17, 2016 at 10:05 AM

    LOL…it is most definitely the BEST way to make popcorn. As a matter of fact, my old fashioned popcorn popper was given to me by my bestie. We attended a CCV women’s get together and she won it. She knew I had my eyes on it and handed it over after she’d won it. It is well used.

    The biggest cultural difference between the east/mid atlantic area an Fort Worth. Well, I can’t get a chicken steak or soft pretzels (Auntie Annie’s doesn’t count). People here have manners and after a year of being here, my sons picked up the respectful manner of saying “Yes Ma’am,” when I speak to them. I was told that people in the south are nicer than up north, however, I think it just depends. I’ve experienced racism here as I did up north and am afraid that it can’t be escaped regardless of where you go. Also, family is HUGE here. I’m a family oriented person and would love to have my family close by.

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