Asked & Answered with Tara Watson

Asked & Answered

GS:   You know how this starts. What are some of your nicknames?

TW:   A-rat, my name spelled backwards- that’s from my elementary school years, glad that one didn’t stick. T’Dawg was created by some young guys and gals I supervised at work. I used to torture them daily with my nerdy suburban gangsta talk.

GS:   I’m so calling you A-rat from now on. Who are your immediate family members?

TW:   My husband Nate, we started dating when we were 17 and 18. True love can be found at the grocery store, we both worked at Acme. It was the polyester smock, I just know it. My daughter Ashlee, she’s 23, graduated from Eastern University last year and now works at Spring Ford Middle school. She’s got such a heart for serving others. My son Josh who is 17 and a Junior at Phoenixville High school. We are mutually driving each other crazy over the pressures of the 11th grade year- SAT’s, driving, college choices. *insert teen angst shoulder shrugs, grunts and eye rolls here*

GS:   Where do you currently call home?

TW:   Phoenixville, PA

GS:   Where else have you lived?

TW:   I was born and raised in Southern Chester County, not too far from where I am now. I’m a country mouse. So thankful I grew up with an address of RD #4, rural delivery #4, driving through that area still soothes my soul.

GS:   What takes up most of your time?

TW:   Great question. I’m in a bit of a life shift right now. I went from being a frazzled working Mom with two kids in multiple activities to having a lot more me time now that my “kids” are older. As I get older, I’m more intentional with how and who I spend my time. I’ve learned to say no and yes more. I want to honor God with the choices I make, mind, body & spirit. So what does that look like? Surrounding myself with good people. Laughing. Travelling to new places. Giving and serving. Being active. Eating right. Settling down with a great book. Taking classes that interest me. Date nights with the hubs. Writing. Making sure I’ve always got a DIY project going. My next project, going back to school.

GS:   Well I’m exhausted now! What are you reading right now?

TW:   Just finished Ember Island by Kimberly Freeman, riveting.

GS:   I’ll put it on my list. What are some of your all-time favorite books?

TW:   Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers; Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell; Stiches by Ann Lamott. And best I mention, the Bible, it’s the greatest love story of all time.

GS:   How about a few of your favorite TV shows? And Netflix counts.

TW:   The Wednesday night line up- The Goldberg’s, Modern Family, Blackish. Currently Netflixing (is that a verb?) House of Cards, Hell on Wheels, Turn. Some all-time favorite shows- Little House on the Prairie, Friends, Cheers.

GS:   What is your TV food of choice? Sweet or salty?

TW:   Chocolate covered in chocolate dipped in chocolate.

GS:   What is your favorite holiday?

TW:   Thanksgiving. It’s the delicious food and fun times with family and friends without the worrying about gifts and things that really don’t matter nonsense.

GS:   What is your favorite scripture and why?

TW:   For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right. Psalm 84:11. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to remember that God loves us so much that sent his son to be our shield and fill our hearts with love. He’s our leader and protector, our guide and comforter, our forgiver and redeemer, our life everlasting.

GS:   That one verse covers so much! And finally, why do you write for Grace & Such?

TW:   I believe that everything I have experienced can be used for God’s glory. This includes the wondrous and the hard stuff. I do my best to share my life journey in a transparent way with the goal of helping others to see their amazing potential and to feel God’s great love for them.

GS:   And we’re so glad you do! Thank you for letting us know you a little bit more.

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  1. Gretchen on April 21, 2016 at 11:43 AM

    So nice to get to know you better, Tara! We are kindred spirits on so many things. Love your nickname, A-rat. My brother in law is a DJ, and he calls me G-money. Whaaatever. 😉 I especially identify with the “why I write” part. This is also shaping why/how I serve and spend my time in other ways. Being in this phase of life is a beautiful mess. I do fine when I acknowledge the beauty w/o angsting myself to death about the mess. It’s all good.

  2. Jen on April 26, 2016 at 3:33 PM

    You do know that you will now and forever be A-Rat to me, right? I loved getting to know you just a little bit more and I’m excited to watch where God takes you.

  3. Denise on May 13, 2016 at 12:31 AM

    A-Rat…OMG…too funny! My middle name is Yvette (Ya-vette) and when we were kids, to irritate me, my brothers called me, “Denise Yvette Chevrolet” ?. When they really wanted to get under my skin, they’d chant it. I’m glad it didn’t stick though; it trailed off in high school. You’re a pretty awesome person! I’m so not looking forward to my younger two boys getting older and leaving me w/time to frolick about on my own. It kind of scares me a little b cause I’ve got ten so used to being a sorts mom that I won’t know what to do w/free time. I took a 4 week teaching assignment over the summer because I can’t sit still and not do anything for almost 12 weeks.

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