Attention Getting Behavior

They did not remember his power or the day when he redeemed them from the foe, when he performed his signs in Egypt and his marvels in the fields of Zoan. ~Psalm 78:42-43

“May I have your attention please?”

These words became a joke between my husband and me when our children were small. As we would try to have a good conversation, or eat a quiet meal, or sit in peace for a few minutes, they would seem to go wild. If we didn’t respond immediately the noise level would intensify or the behavior would worsen. It was sometimes a dance or a song, or “read me this book.” Other times it was an argument (okay, a fight) between them.

My husband would look at me and say, “May I have your attention please?”  When we talked about it we called it “attention getting behavior.” We would have to decide if we should ignore the behavior or deal with it right away.

I want to clearly say that these were not usually punishable offenses. We chalked it up to a child’s desire to be seen and heard when they felt left out. Sometimes we continued to ignore them and sometimes we knew they needed our attention.

As we have lived through the last several years it seems that frequently, though our children are adults now, my husband is turning to me and saying. “May I have your attention, please?” This time though, the One precipitating the question is the Lord God Himself.

We are watching and hearing what is happening in the world and speculating that God is trying to get our attention because we have been ignoring His repeated attempts to speak to us.

Heinous crimes against Christians and the destruction of things by tornadoes, floods, and fire have us wondering what God is up to.  We talk about what will happen to us as a nation if we continue to ignore the sovereignty of God in all areas of life and act like He is not a part of these events.

Many people want to argue that a loving God would not allow these things.

But, as a loving God, does He send us warnings in order to protect us? It seems to me that He has been consistently trying to open our eyes to the truth of His displeasure with the way we have eliminated Him and His teaching from most of our culture. He is a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 4:24) He will not be mocked. (Galatians 6:7)

Even His church as a unified body does not stand up for Him or His Word. We have mocked what He has taught by ignoring or laughing at His laws. Do we expect peace?

I do not claim to know what God is doing in our nation. But, as His people, are we listening? Do we see His dissatisfaction with His Church? God is doing many things that need to make us hear Him say, “May I have your attention, please?”

Does He have your attention? He is certainly getting ours.


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