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Posts by Grace & Such

Celebrating Two Years

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Grace & Such. We’ve been through a few changes since then – lost a few writers, added several more, changed our format a bit – but our mission, if you will, is still the same. “…to encourage other women as we share our thoughts and experiences as well as…

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Sweet Grace

  Grace & Such is on hiatus. We will resume “business as usual” on Monday, May 15th. The theme for May is “Clarity” and, as usual, the team has knocked it out of the park with this month’s writing! I know you’ll be encouraged. Thank you for showing us grace.  

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March 2017 – Fear

This past Wednesday marked the beginning of the 40 days before Easter. Most people probably don’t associate Lent with “fear”, but as I thought about the days leading up to the human death of Christ, I felt a sense of dread. Usually when I consider the Easter story, I happily focus on the resurrection. It’s…

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February 2017 – “Light”

When I make up the theme calendar for the year I try to be purposeful with the words. For example, January’s theme was “Reveal”. I chose that because many Christians celebrate Epiphany in January – a word which literally means reveal. As in the Christ child was revealed to the Gentiles when the Magi visited…

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