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Posts by Gretchen Hanna

Whose I Am

It’s funny. As I dig around in my Bible, it fascinates me that the word ‘wander’ appears to have a negative connotation. I tend to see it used in the Old Testament in the context of the Israelites wandering away from God, and therefore, wandering around in the desert. Or, I’ve seen examples of ‘wandering’…

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We’re Either Gonna Trust Him or We Aren’t

About three years ago, our intercountry adoption of two daughters was not going well. The rest of the story – as I’ve shared here before – is that on this side of the ocean, it failed. I remember being in the midst of such sorrow and pain as we fought for those children by submitting…

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What’s Your Type?

I was recently at the graduation party of a young friend of mine who majored in Psychology. As part of her party fun, she offered her invitees an opportunity to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and wear our types on our name tag.  In case you haven’t heard of the Myers-Briggs, it was developed…

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Nothing Left To Lose

I’m not sure exactly why, but often a song comes to mind – sometimes only a snippet – when I think about the topic words for each month’s post. July’s very apt subject is freedom, so it makes sense, doesn’t it (I’m asking for a friend) that the song that pops into my head is…

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