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Posts by Jennifer Mobley Thompson

When Disappointment Takes a Back Seat

When my kids were little, I was not the parent who would always let them win. Every now and again, I probably did. But for the most part, I figured it was better for them to learn the disappointment of losing, rather than thinking everything would always go their way. While they tease me about…

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A Singular Sin

This past summer, I taught a class at church on the grace of God using Jerry Bridge’s book, “Transforming Grace.” The title is appropriate because what I learned while preparing for the class was life altering. Let’s talk about sin. You can hardly talk about God’s grace and not talk about our sin. Oh, there’s…

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Standing in the Gap

Jennifer Mobley Thompson

In one of my first posts for Grace & Such, The Constants of Change, I eluded to a very rough 2005. My husband, Todd, resigned his position in Little Rock, Arkansas, and accepted a job in the Northwest suburbs of Philadelphia. That was a huge decision and one that wasn’t taken lightly. In fact, it…

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When the Teacher Becomes the Student

Several years ago, I taught a Wednesday night Bible class to third and fourth graders. There was no specific curriculum so I made up my own. I decided to start with the first page of the Bible and work my way through, hitting all the major stories I’d learned as a child and tying them…

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