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Posts by Jennifer Mobley Thompson

Give Me Liberty

July 4th is a big day in the lives of Americans. It was the day our forefathers declared independence from the British Empire. And though we celebrate the freedom it represents, our nation wasn’t actually free on July 4th. Not until the end of the American Revolution in 1781 were we considered a free and…

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Blessed Silence

  As I was contemplating what word to use for April, I thought of Easter. “Silence” seemed to be a fitting term. I thought of it along the lines of meditation and quiet reflection as we approach the observance of the crucifixion, burial and resurrection. It seemed a peaceful word to me. But then I…

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Grace For The Win

Welcome to the Presidential Elections of 2016. The ugliest, most divisive elections that I’ve ever seen. I suppose it could be that I just forget from one term to the next how emotionally charged political arguments get, but the reality is that this year is extra special. I’ve read so much hatred – not just…

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Forgiveness in the Dark

Nearly ten years ago my friend, Beth, came to Pennsylvania for a visit. We had just moved to the state four months earlier and I was anxious to show her what I’d found so far. No trip to this part of the state would be complete without a touring of Amish Country. So Beth and…

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