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Posts by Laura Rodgers

Sticks and Stones

Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! It’s heard in playgrounds, schools, neighborhoods, and almost any place kids can be found across the United States. As a parent, I’ve told my kids these words. I tried to teach them to be confident in themselves and don’t worry about what…

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I Hope He Buys You Flowers

It was my fault! I put away the cute little snowmen on my mantle and replaced them with bunnies and spring bulbs. Maybe I was forcing spring’s hand a little, but I really thought winter was done. I was ready for spring! Henceforth, the onslaught of snowstorms began here in Southeast Pennsylvania. Yep, I’ll accept…

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Stillness ~ Overrated?

Stillness is defined as the absence of movement or sound. I couldn’t wrap my head around the word. I searched in the Bible. I pondered it. I just didn’t feel like God was pressing anything on my heart about “stillness”. Matter of fact, just the opposite. I kept thinking of all the times God had…

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Januarys are Worse than Mondays

In my opinion, Januarys are worse than Mondays by a long shot. It is my least favorite time of the year. First, I have mixed emotions about putting away the Christmas stuff. The only way I can think of to describe it is “painfully wonderful”. I’m tired of Christmas, but I’m sad to see it…

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