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Posts by Natalie Liounis

Shout Unto God

Natalie Liounis

Near the end of April, I went to the emergency room with pain I had felt only once before, back in December. It is the worst pain I have ever felt. It starts feeling like gas discomfort beneath my rib cage, and then it gradually spreads north to my chest and upper back, where it…

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If you had told me last May that within the next four months, we would be moving yet again to a different city because I would be willingly returning to higher education and taking a 50% pay cut, I would have laughed in your face. I had, after all, just gotten promoted, and that came…

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A Lot Like Lent

Without Easter, our faith means nothing

Growing up Catholic, Lent meant the forty days that I would spend avoiding pop (Pittsburghese for “soda,” if you didn’t know) and eating fried fish on Fridays, or sometimes cheese pizza. Growing up in Catholic school, Lent meant going to mass on a Wednesday and getting ashes put on my forehead, and doing the Stations…

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Less Is More

You know those people who always need to be doing something, who hate to sit down and relax because there’s always something that needs to be done and it’s pointless to relax before everything is finished? Yeah, I’m one of those people. I drive my husband nuts on weekends because I want to cross reference…

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