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Posts by Natalie Liounis

Less Is More

You know those people who always need to be doing something, who hate to sit down and relax because there’s always something that needs to be done and it’s pointless to relax before everything is finished? Yeah, I’m one of those people. I drive my husband nuts on weekends because I want to cross reference…

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Firm in Faith

In November, I wrote about church hunting after moving. By the time that post was published, the hubs and I had decided on a church. It’s tiny (fewer than 50 people, I’d guess) and turns just a year old this month. Given our previous churches, it’s definitely not the church I would have expected we’d…

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Church Hunting

Two months ago, we moved for the fifth time in two-and-a-half years. The hubs and I are thrilled with our new location; we love the dramatic decrease in traffic and how quiet it is once you finally hit true suburbia. Besides the usual pains of moving and the extreme pain of breaking a lease, we…

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And He Told Me Not To Fear

Natalie Liounis

When people ask me why bad things happen to good people, I tell them the truth: I have no idea. That’s just life, I guess. God sees things we don’t, and His Will is always perfect. I also offer the following thought: If we never have darkness, we’ll never appreciate the light. My year, up until…

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