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Posts by Sarah Robinson

Allowing Lessons to Unfold

Sarah Robinson

Have you ever had a season of life when you needed desperately to “Keep it Simple”? I’m convinced, if I hadn’t gone through one of the most challenging seasons of my life, the thought of simplicity might never have crossed my mind, and the mind is where our battles often rage. In 1986, the year…

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God Hears!

The summer of 1964, I was five years old, vacationing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Dad picks up an empty conch shell larger than his own hand, and holds it up like treasured bounty–no cracks or chips. I expect he’ll put it down into his bucket but instead, he fastens the shell to his ear, like…

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Show Me Your Glory

How could my experience possibly help another person? When it is coupled with strength and hope, and when the timing is right, the words of our testimonies can have a lasting impact. I’m currently filling in a “Grandparent’s Journal” for my grandchildren to read one day. The oldest is only seven, but Ava is already…

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Blessed Assurance

When life’s unforeseen troubles suck the wind right out of our sails, life-as-we-know-it can dramatically change direction. A once-predictable hurricane’s trajectory changes course People leave Flash floods inundate homes Loved ones fall ill Relationships sour How do we deal with life’s unexpected curves? One of the ways I’ve recovered from sudden change: let others help.…

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