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Posts by Tina Kachmar

Tsunami Named Chaos

Tina Kachmar

Chaos: A state of complete disorder or confusion. The first stage of creation where, having brought something out of nothing, God had not yet brought order to the universe. This primeval chaos, often symbolized by surging waters, threatens to disrupt God’s order at any time. God sometimes allows a return to chaos as judgment. (Bible Gateway)…

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Divinely Unexpected

When I sit in silence and think about what my life is right now, a good word to describe it would definitely be “unexpected”. I ponder what things were like as I headed into one of my very own life storms. It was ugly. People were ugly. I was ugly. The people squatting in my…

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Fasting According to Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58

I was absolutely clueless what I would write about this month.  “Fasting” is not something I’ve ever taken part in.  At least, not that I’ve been aware of. But then I started my Lent devotions and am studying through a Wonderous Encounters: Scripture for Lent by Richard Rohr.   The day I was going to email Jen…

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My Long Relationship with Stillness

Bring to me the stillness, Lord, that yesterday I dread So many years spent cursing quiet, being stuck in my own head Berating and abusing the one I should be lifting up How’d I end up in that dark place, who handed me this cup? Ripped and shredded, I reached within He trimmed and smoothed…

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