April Jean

April Hankins Head ShotWhen April was 13, her mom got her connected with a church. At that point, her mom didn’t know how significant that place would end up being in April’s life. Through that church…

She was baptized at 16

She met her husband, Eric  (untouchable dance moves and ping pong skills)

She got her first out-of-college-I’m-a-big-girl job (middle school ministry)

She met a ton of people she adores – one of them being Jen, who started this blog

And that’s the short version of how she ended up here! These days, she still attends that church. (Thank you April’s mom!) She is now a women’s therapist who is also a nerd about nutrition. Eric and April dabble in cross fit, minimalism and the art of cooking.

She is excited to share pieces of her heart with you. She hopes you will enter this journey of authenticity with all of us!

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