Diane Karchner

Diane Resized

Diane Karchner. Wife. Mom. Gram. Aunt. Writer. Retiree. Gardener. Beach Lover. Faith Tripper. Blogs at Being Gram.

Diane is a mom of 2, a Gram of 4, and a wife of 1 for the past 40+ years. She has believed in Jesus for most of her years, and writes often about that journey. She also claims to be a perennial gardener although some days, she admits, that fact would be a surprise to most who gaze upon her weeds. She lives now, and has pretty much always lived, outside of Philadelphia, PA in the good ole US of A.

Since retiring early from a stress-filled corporate job, Diane devotes her time to doing what she loves: digging into God’s word regularly, gardening obsessively, writing constantly and traveling with her man.

For any who will listen (or even those who won’t!), she gleefully shares her love for her grands. And she has convinced all who know her that there ain’t nothing like losing track of time with a little grand on your lap to love up on!

In her career Diane has traveled the world, and seen and tasted and touched diverse countries and cultures. Even so, she readily admits to preferring her backyard deck looking out over the cornfield with birds flying around begging her to fill their feeders!

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