Gretchen Hanna

Gretchen Hanna resizedGretchen Hanna hails from the Seattle area by way of Colorado and the Midwest. She realizes she has two first names – three, if you count her middle name – and hopes that won’t be a problem for her readers. Trained as a speech language pathologist, Gretchen used to specialize in and adore working with adults with neurological issues (and their families). She has also recently been certified as a substitute teacher. However, for the past 19 years Gretchen has been raising her family with her amazing husband of 25 years. Seems just yesterday she was in the middle of the busy season of child-rearing, and now she’s in the middle of making plans around her emptying nest. For the most part, she embraces middle age, even coming to peace with her thickening middle. When she’s not in the midst of a hot flash or a chocolate craving, she is busy chasing after and clinging to Jesus, doing her best to trust Him completely and love Him with abandon and a good sense of humor. Her beloved grandma always said, “Honey, you just as well laugh as cry”, and that has been her rallying cry during the ups and downs of life. But crying is okay, too -because sometimes we just have to.

Gretchen has blogged for more than a decade, usually tying her faith to her reality, and has guest posted or written for, and other blogs. It’s her honor to be among the writers on Grace & Such, and she is currently not only found here and at Musings with Gretch, but is also holding hands open for other writing (blogging and otherwise) and speaking opportunities as she waits upon God’s unfolding plans for her.

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