Jennifer Mobley Thompson

Jen Headshot ResizedJennifer is a writer and speaker who shares the sometimes hard, sometimes humorous, but always God-filled circumstances of her life with frank honesty. Through these life events, she continues to learn that God will provide peace, joy and even laughter in the darkest of places. Jennifer engages her audience and teaches the Bible from the practical perspective of one who has experienced God’s goodness through difficult times.

She has written for,, as well as various other blogs. Currently, she is a team member, writer, and speaker for Renewing the Heart Ministries, a ministry to women in the Mid-Atlantic region. As a breast cancer survivor, she has a passion for educating women on the myths and truths about breast cancer and has spoken to several women’s groups on the subject.

Several years ago Jen took a class to learn how to write fiction. Two things came out of this class: #1 – she discovered fiction isn’t really her jam; and  #2 – her short story, The Art of Falling In Love, was eventually published. It’s a fun little story, but she would like to remind anyone who does read it of point #1.

She and her husband of nearly 30 years have two grown children and a fluffy dog who sheds way too much. Her desire to share the truth about God’s love (sans the divisive dogma) with other women was the catalyst for this website.

You can read her “mundane ramblings about a whole lotta nuthin’” at Jenster’s Musings.