Jenny Hanna


I’m Jenny and I am one of the many faces of Grace and Such. I am currently a college student at Washington State University, GO COUGS! I am going to school for a B.A. in Human Development, as well as Risk and Crisis Communication. I was born in Colorado and raised in the greater Seattle area. My lovely mother, Gretchen Hanna (shameless plug to encourage you to go check out her posts, because I’m pretty biased and I think her writing is incredible), started taking me to church at a young age and I grew up always being able to have deep conversations with her about Christianity, the Bible, or just life in general. I have always had a love of writing, but after several horrible English classes I started to ignore it, until recently. I’ve always wanted to take up blogging, and so I finally made my first blog at the beginning of this semester. I have found that I love to write to express myself, my feelings, and my faith.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I am left handed
  • I’m an avid coffee drinker and probably a caffeine addict (I repent)
  • I absolutely love animals
  • My favorite holidays are Christmas and my birthday (which I believe should be a national holiday!)
  • I love to travel and spend time with loved ones as well.

I currently work as a Barista at WSU, and I love making coffee almost as much as I love drinking it. Back home at my home church I work with the high school and middle school youth ministry, and I sing on the worship team. I am extremely passionate about youth ministry and I am hoping to volunteer long term.