Natalie Liounis

Natalie Liounis Head Shot

Natalie received her bachelor’s in English from West Virginia University in May 2013. She concentrated not only in English Literature, but also in Creative Writing and Professional Writing & Editing. This led her to continue at WVU and pursue her master’s in Professional Writing & Editing, which she completed in May 2015.

She lives in Annapolis with her husband and dog, and she coordinates the writing center at a small community college on Maryland’s eastern shore.

Natalie is a ginger and a lover of Jesus, dogs, Harry PotterLord of the Rings, cooking, and hockey. Growing up a half hour from Pittsburgh, she has been a diehard Penguins fan as long as she can remember—even when they were terrible! Somehow, though, she fell in love with a Philadelphia Flyers fan, and one day she hopes her future (God-willing!) children choose the right team to support (i.e., the Penguins).

Oh, and contrary to the picture on the left, you’ll almost never find her wearing makeup.

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