Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis is a freelance writer from the foothills of the West Virginia mountains.

She graduated with a BA in English from Evangel University, and is a lifelong member of the Alpha Chi National Honors Society.

She has read research on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and the syncretism of Baal and Yahweh worship in ancient Israel at the Alpha Chi conferences in St. Louis and Chicago.

Rachel’s short story “One, Two, Three, Bus” has been published in two collegiate literary journals, as both a student and faculty contributor.

She currently can be found sniffing out local news at Morgantown, West Virginia’s Dominion Post and working on web content for various small businesses.

Rachel adores Medieval and Renaissance literature, and one day wants to write her dissertation on Edmund Spenser’s The Fairie Queene and its impact on C.S. Lewis.

She loves her beautifully-bearded husband hero, her two beautifully-unexpected and graciously-given children and local coffee— cream, no sugar.

Rachel advocates the arts as worship wherever she goes, and she has dedicated her life to finding the beauty in God’s creation, and in the art we create as we glorify him.

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