Rebecca Montie Preston

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Becky is from many places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland, which has instilled in her a wanderlust compelling her to explore new locations.  Her mantra is “Home is where my pillow is.”  Presently, her pillow is on a bed in the hilly woods outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Here she lives with her patient husband, two needy Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and a cat who really needs a playmate.

Becky’s delight is creating a floral oasis in the midst of the deep woods, where butterflies eagerly frolic from flower to flower and the deer take advantage of the bountiful smorgasbord.  When not gardening, she is often seen reading her Kindle, knitting an afghan, and watching TV.

The Spirit of God is her favorite daily companion, and she loves to share the riches of God’s kingdom with those who long for knowledge of it.  She is a Spiritual Director who has the privilege of companioning people in their journey of faith. Find out more on her blog, Gardens of the Soul.

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