Tara Watson

Tara ResizedRecovering perfectionist meets extroverted introvert- the closer Tara Watson gets to Jesus the more she is learning to drop the labels. As her faith grows she embraces that God loves her right where she is and that He wants her to be fearless in her faith in Him and her abilities. This forty-something mama has not got it all figured out, yet what she does know is this. Being a mother of two is better than she ever dreamed of, even during the teenage years when she yearned for them to fly the nest. Fly little ones- fly (but not too far)!  At her junior prom, Tara’s date (now husband) took her hand and told her that everything would be OK, and it has been. That night she thought he was the funniest, kindest man ever and she still does.  They have grown up and laughed their way through life together. Most days she cracks herself up and accepts the title her kids gave her- President of NerdCo.

A few years ago, while battling a chronic neurologic illness nicknamed the suicide disease, she stopped questioning and started accepting that this too was part of God’s plan for her life. Once she decided to choose faith over fear, God began to radically change her life for the better. Building on this momentum, Tara stays focused on the urgent desire to be well and to live a life that honors Him. She strives to stay present minded and positive and to help others to do the same. Tara currently writes a wellness blog, co-leads a weight loss group and has a long-term goal to be a Licensed Wellness Coach. You can read all about Tara’s journey on her blog, Chewing the Fat on Skinny.

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