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Unity Cafe

“Unity,” she croons, narrowing her eyes with intensity, her Bulgarian accent lending effect. “That’s what we’re all about. You know?” I nod and try to ponder unity. Are people really that divided… about coffee? Petia, my friend, turns to run an espresso from the hulking red machine that dominates the counter. I watch her make…

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A Singular Sin

This past summer, I taught a class at church on the grace of God using Jerry Bridge’s book, “Transforming Grace.” The title is appropriate because what I learned while preparing for the class was life altering. Let’s talk about sin. You can hardly talk about God’s grace and not talk about our sin. Oh, there’s…

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The Missing Point in Disappointment

Disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes. I can get disappointed for the smallest of reasons, like when traffic is backed up or I take a bite of something that should satisfy my taste buds. Sometimes, I’m disappointed in places I’ve wanted to travel, and then other times, I get disappointed in the people around…

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From the Belly of the Whale

Years ago I attended a Bible study at a friend’s church. The study was about Jonah and the whale. The group leader made some opening statements that revealed her belief that this story was just ‘fiction,’ the other ladies nodding in agreement. I didn’t protest, but just smiled at the leader, feigning agreement, while my…

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