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Amber Lappin

Blank Pages and New Beginnings

To a writer, one of the most simultaneously exhilarating and intimidating sights in the world is a blank page. The idea that we get to begin again, write something new and inspiring, express the things in our hearts and minds in a whole fresh way is thrilling. But with it comes the knowledge that new…

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Automated Thankfulness

When my kids were itty bitty, we would play a game- they’d hand me a cup of pretend tea and I’d say “Thank you!” Then, I’d hand them the cup back and they’d say “tee-too.” Back and forth we’d go, giving and taking and thanking one another, and starting all over again. It got to…

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Changing Time

When my kids were toddlers, there was one way to get them to run and hide… announce that I was going to change their diapers. It was the oddest thing to me- here I was, offering to relieve them of a smelly, wet, nasty burden, and there they were, crying and struggling to get away…

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Grace and Spilt Milk

The other day, I was sitting at a restaurant with a friend of mine and her husband. The waiter had just set our drinks in front of us and I opened my menu to try to decide what to eat. I was having a hard time choosing, even though I knew everyone was waiting for…

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