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Well Pleased

When I think of the word “beloved”, I immediately think of the scripture that God says “this is my beloved son, in who I am well-pleased”.  Beloved seemed like the high achievement award in life.  To be someone’s beloved seems immensely special if you really think about the sentence and the words:  THIS is MY…

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Broken and Beloved

Not that I need another show to binge watch, but This Is Us on NBC has to be one of the most touching shows on television right now. I cry every single episode. Every.single.episode. What really gets me is the way the show covers the most delicate family dynamics with a little bit of humor…

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Beloved Flexibility

If I had to describe the last couple years in one word, it would probably be “chaos.” Nothing has been static, except for my companions along the way (i.e., my God and my husband). We’ve lived in five different apartments in four different cities. We’ve made three big moves between two states. And we did…

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O Holy Night

When Joseph disappeared inside the inn, Mary slid off the donkey. Because her legs trembled so, she leaned against the beast to keep from falling. Oh, how she ached from the journey! Had it only been three days?  It seemed more like three months, three years even. Though the trip was arduous, it afforded her…

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