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Celebrating Unconditional Love

One Saturday in June I rolled up to where my husband was working to tell him that I had just spent the day moving. To another house. Without him. In the matter of a few days, including this one, I managed to put the finishing touches on the failing of our marriage. It was a…

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Celebrating Life

My mother had a strange ritual that she would perform. If she happened to be looking up and see that the clock said 3:21, she began to sing “Happy Birthday” in a low tone with her clear, wonderful soprano.  She passed along her strange ritual to my father who, if the clock happened to say…

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Listened & Loved – Happy Day

The perfect song for the day after Easter! Lyrics are below the video if you’d like to follow along. {Verse 1} The greatest day in history Death is beaten, You have rescued me Sing it out, Jesus is alive The empty cross, the empty grave Life eternal, You have won the day Shout it out,…

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