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Crystal Clear

I had initially planned to write something a little more spiritual since I seek clarity rather frequently. However, God said, “No.” I said, “Yes!” Then, God said, “I said NO!” God and I have these moments and He usually wins because I don’t want to visit a valley or wilderness experience unnecessarily. My spirit said…

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Holes In My Hands

I have holes in my hands from two attempted IVs—one successful, the other not. “I’m so sorry,” my nurse said. “The vein jumped away.” It’s okay. I’m fine. I never experienced pain from my surgery. I barely even bled. ⇔ In the fall of 2015, I started to bleed irregularly. Since we would be moving…

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Bushwhacking Through to Clarity

Whenever I go on beautiful mountain drives – for example, Going to the Sun in West Glacier, Montana – I revel in the treasures of beauty, from glaciers to blades of grass, waterfalls to rock formations. Often on one of these types of sojourns, I view what I imagine must be the closest thing to…

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All Over The Place

Every spring, the week before Easter, I make it a point to study the events of “Passion Week.” I start with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and end with the two Marys discovering the empty tomb. My chronological Bible is a great tool for this since all the events are presented in order. Some are…

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