Light In Someone’s Darkness

Becky Preson

As a young child rooted within the Christian faith, I learned many of the “Church” songs for kids.  “This Little Light of Mine” was one of them I remember, and one I even taught to my children.  If you don’t know it, here are the chorus and first stanza: This little light of mine, I’m…

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Out of Darkness, Light Shines Through

Diane Karchner

I write this on 9/11 – the 16th anniversary of the biggest disaster to hit the US in my lifetime. It must have been what Pearl Harbor felt to my parents. ‘A date that will live in infamy.’ Sadly, we have a new ‘date of infamy’ in my generation. That day – and for weeks…

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And He Told Me Not To Fear

Natalie Liounis

When people ask me why bad things happen to good people, I tell them the truth: I have no idea. That’s just life, I guess. God sees things we don’t, and His Will is always perfect. I also offer the following thought: If we never have darkness, we’ll never appreciate the light. My year, up until…

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In Defense of Darkness

Sarah Eshleman

God created the world in darkness before He turned on the light. Maybe He wanted to see a show. Maybe He wanted the first act of His drama to represent the coming one—the epic battle of light and darkness, the brilliance of heaven and despair of hell. But in the beginning, God looked at the…

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