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My Own Mess

Sometimes I get caught up in my own mess. Actually, I get caught up in my own mess all the time. As of lately, I’ve been so caught up in my own ick that I’ve lost sight of some pieces of me. In the bible study I’ve loved to be a part of this past…

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Follow His Lead

I’ve never been much of an Old Testament gal. :::gasp::: I’m getting better as my relationship with God grows, but I’m really in love with the second half of the book, not so much the first. Maybe it’s all the wrath and war and killing and such. I’m more of a happy, clappy, love your…

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Miss Direction

Several years ago my friend, Cathy, began calling me Miss Direction. I could get us anywhere, albeit sometimes by a circuitous route. Still, we always ended up wherever it was we were going. My husband, who was then my boyfriend, changed the moniker up a little. He started calling me Misdirection because I often took…

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Put Me In, Coach!

On Monday night after supper, because our co-ed recreational softball season begins soon, my husband and I went out to throw ball. For some reason unknown to me, Tony decided this week to change the way I throw. “Stand sideways. Don’t bend your arm. When you release the ball, flick your wrist. And follow through.…

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