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Sufficient to Sustain

When I was pregnant, several people asked me if I planned to breastfeed or bottle feed the baby. I always told them the same thing: I plan to breastfeed, unless it doesn’t work. I put that caveat in there because there are reasons why breastfeeding just doesn’t work sometimes. I know some women who had…

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When Disappointment Takes a Back Seat

When my kids were little, I was not the parent who would always let them win. Every now and again, I probably did. But for the most part, I figured it was better for them to learn the disappointment of losing, rather than thinking everything would always go their way. While they tease me about…

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The Missing Point in Disappointment

Disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes. I can get disappointed for the smallest of reasons, like when traffic is backed up or I take a bite of something that should satisfy my taste buds. Sometimes, I’m disappointed in places I’ve wanted to travel, and then other times, I get disappointed in the people around…

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