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Emotions on Steroids

God gave us the ability to experience a variety of different emotions. These emotions can be positive: happy, sad, joy, etc. or negative: anger, anxiety, sad, etc. Being in God’s will means we control our emotions regardless of whether they are positive or negative. When we control our emotions, call them under subjection as God…

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Fear to Faith

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  ~ Psalm 56:3 Do you ever just get scared of the future because what if God doesn’t fix this problem or that problem? I have recently found myself in a state of fear over the future of our country. I am afraid for my grandchildren.…

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Trading Places

At 7:00 a.m., wrapped in my coatigan, I sip my Even-Keel coffee. One sleek cat figure-eights through my legs. The other sprawls on the kitchen table, all silken tuxedo elegance. I don’t have the heart, or after all this time, the resolve to reach for the no-no spray bottle. “Great Are You, Lord,” the Bethel…

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Hot Mess in a Dress Yoga Pants

The other week I was talking to my friend, Shannon, on the way home from class. We were discussing how we thought we were doing in this really difficult history class and I told her how dumb I felt all the time because I’m always confused. And then, per usual, my feelings started to go…

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