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We can all agree that God is holy, right? I mean, we have countless songs that talk about it – “Holy, holy, holy. Lord God Almighty.” “Holy, holy is He.” “Holy Spirit you are welcome here.” “Holy is the Lord God Almighty.” There are numerous scriptures that talk about his holiness, too many to write…

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“Holy”er Than Thou

Some people think that when you’re baptized you wake up the next day this new person. In some ways I guess that may be true, it’s pretty immense when you consider what Jesus did for us up on that cross. It’s hard not to “try” to be a new person. But in my case at…

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Holy Matrimony, Batman!

This year, my husband and I are all set to celebrate our 25th year of marriage. Way back in 1991, surrounded by floral bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen with mullets, my man and I faced one another in the blistering heat & promised God, each other, and our friends and families that this was forever. Now,…

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Thou Art Holy

When I was a kid, attending church with my mother was more of a comedy show than learning experience.  Kids were expected to sit quietly and not fidget, but, how could we when the adults seemed to be making a spectacle of themselves?  The Holy Spirit would “hit” some of the adults and they would…

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