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Light Post

This post has taken me two weeks to write. I’ve tried to write what’s on my heart but with some compassion mixed in. That’s always been a struggle of mine and I pray I have made some strides in that area. I’m trying to write about something I feel is important but I’m doing so…

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Can You See Me Now?

I’m always in search of products that change the way I do life. Products that make my life simpler, better, with less clutter, and sometimes cheaper. Enter in the light bulb. Yes, the light bulb. Over the past years I’ve struggled to find just the right one. If you are anything like me, light bulbs…

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Keeper of the Light

In January of this year, I headed toward the light. The source of the brightness was a church across the river—Kingdom Evangelical Methodist Church. There I attended a weekend Bible conference but really, it could have been a seminary semester. Back at home Friday night, I texted a number of friends: “I don’t know what…

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The Light

As a self-professed people watcher, I don’t just look at people coming and going, what they’re wearing or how they’re behaving. No, I also look at their eyes. The eyes and facial expressions say more than words ever could. My observations often make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh so hard tears begin streaming down my…

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