Where’s My Simple Summer?

Cole Smith

How can I find simplicity during hectic times? I’m writing this during the final stages of preparing to leave town for a nice, long vacation. Problem is, I’m not a details person. So sifting through the to-do lists and the what-ifs and the oh-nos is a big, big stretch. (It’s a good thing this is…

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Just a Porch Light

Rachel Ellis

It only took a porch light. My two year old son spends hours on our front porch. He plays with his cars, races tiny tyke vehicles with his baby sister, and watches the wide variety of birds adorning the pine trees across the street. It’s a tiny patch of green indoor-outdoor in our almost heaven…

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Performance: The Simplicity of Humility

Carmen Dillon

Pianists revel in complexity. At concerts, my family maneuvers to have the clearest view of the pianist’s fingers. We love watching the pianist roll his fingers through a run or pound the chords so rapidly that his hand is a blur of dramatic flair. The more complicated the attempt, the more entertainment and awe for…

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Breakin’ It Down

Gretchen Hanna

Just recently, I finished my first year back as a working (outside the home) girl. I am a speech language pathologist, and last school year, I worked in a school district with kids from age two-and-a-half to 12. As I came home with boxes of colored pens, folders, and documents to shred, I found myself…

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