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Busy Again

When I finished graduate school, I was thankful for two main things: One, my email signature would now include letters after my name; and two, I would never, ever be that busy, ever again. Boy, was I wrong about the second one. A few weeks later, my husband and I moved to Maryland for him…

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Thankful In Every Season

I’m coming out of a bit of a “season”, as we Christians like to call it. It wasn’t pretty.  I’ve lost a lot. But it has become the most beautiful experience of my life thus far. I’m still kinda in the midst of battling with myself about whether people think I’m fake.  I pray about…

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Automated Thankfulness

When my kids were itty bitty, we would play a game- they’d hand me a cup of pretend tea and I’d say “Thank you!” Then, I’d hand them the cup back and they’d say “tee-too.” Back and forth we’d go, giving and taking and thanking one another, and starting all over again. It got to…

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