Single & Serving

“It’s not what I prayed for, it’s not what I wanted, it’s not something I understand.”[i] As I listened to Courtney Collingsworth sing the opening lines of “Your Ways are Higher Than Mine,” my throat closed. For me, that it was singleness. I had planned to attend college and get a master’s degree as quickly…

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God’s Certainty of Promise

Sarah Robinson

I’d gotten kind of used to it. The first time I felt the sensation was right after I got married. (It wasn’t all wedded bliss.) Whenever I got really upset, a tingling sensation ran down my arms, something akin to a mild electric shock sizzling down from my elbow, ending at the tips of my…

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Trust in the Wisdom of a Child

Diane Karchner

Lotti’s trust sometimes overwhelms me. My two-year-old granddaughter trusts so sweetly, so completely. As we walk to the top of the stairs after her nap, she grabs my hand instinctively, knowing that I will keep her safe. Her travel down the steps will be okay because Gram’s got a hold of her little hand. Complete,…

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I Got It! I Got It!

Beth Bingaman

And have mercy on those who doubt. ~Jude 1:22   What a roller coaster ride! Up, down, and all over the place. Joy, sorrow, satisfaction, grief, illness, and news of improved health, all in the space of a couple of weeks. Then, it seems that there have been more spiritually challenging conversations with other people this…

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