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April Jean


We were all sitting in an apartment living room, crowded together on chairs, couches and the floor. We met together once a week for months and months. Our time together was typically followed by some late night grub at the local Applebee’s. I usually went for the mozzarella sticks. I had been praying alone in…

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Send That Email Now

  I stood in the kitchen; the same place as many times before, by the dining room table, next to the red chair. I experienced the same emotions as before; shame, guilt, frustration because I had to ask the same question I’ve asked so many times before. More times than I care to admit. I…

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Asked & Answered with April Jean

This is my favorite day every month. I learn something new about these fabulous women each time! Today we talk to April Jean and I know you’ll enjoy her answers as much as I did! G&S:   You have a couple of great nicknames. Care to share? AJ:     Hankuna Matata (last name used to be Tatta)…

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My Grandfather Is The Man

As a 5-year-old, there was this swing in Maine that captured my heart. It was a different kind of swing, made out of wood, with a spot for your hands and feet. It was located right by the water, so I could swing for hours as my grandparents sat by the lake. I couldn’t get…

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