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Cole Smith

The Order Within Chaos

by Cole Smith

Have you ever been astonished at a meaningful coincidence, a moment of order in the midst of chaos? Synchronicity is one of the ways God speaks to me and reassures me of his elegant, interconnected plan for creation. It’s one of my favorite topics to ponder and discuss. In fact, it’s one of only two…

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A One-Word Experience

Something happened to me in January. I had a God-moment. Doesn’t that term make you cringe a little? Like, duh, all moments are His, aren’t they all God moments? But this is one area where our incredible English language fails us. Equally inadequate is “spiritual experience.” A quick scroll through Instagram will reveal that anything…

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Lean Into the Unexpected

Packing for vacation, the fear creeps in, settling in my over-night bag alongside my toothbrush. “Hope we don’t have a car crash. I’d hate for anyone to see our messy house, and have to sort through all this clutter.” I expect it, that thought. It comes nearly every time I’m preparing to go out of…

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Fasting by Failing

Three lessons from an unexpected change

In West Virginia, it’s possible to total your car not only by hitting a deer, but by stopping for a deer and having someone else hit it into you… So after hitching a ride with the tow truck, I saw through the window of the body shop, a small Volkswagen for sale in my mechanic’s…

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