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Diane Karchner

The Chaos of my Garden Faith

I garden. For fun. For eye-appeal when I sit on my deck sipping a tea. For show-offing to the neighbor slackers. For relaxation. When I was still heavy into the corporate work life, I called it my stress relief, my sanity enhancer. And it was. Many a tangled root that took on an imagined face…

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Comforted to Comfort

The first 20 years of our 40+ year marriage we were broke. Dead broke. Bankruptcy-near, foreclosure-imminent broke. Store brand boxed mac ‘n cheese broke. To this day, I shudder at the thought of the packet of ‘cheese’ flavoring that poured all over those noodles each night. The light at the end of the tunnel was…

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God’s Power in Words

God's Word is Alive and Active

I have never been much of a Bible verse memorizer. My Bible awareness had an ‘it’s in there‘ approach. I could find ‘the biggies’ easily in my Bible because I had underlined and starred and arrowed them, but I could not quote my God. I could not pour His word-for-word truth into another, or into…

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Below the Stillness

It is zero degrees this morning here in the Northeast US. Zero. The cold wave continues another week. There is no frost on my car windows as there is no moisture in the air. It is just bitter cold. It takes forever for my car to warm up enough to take my mittens off. But…

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