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Diane Tarantini

The Mourning After

How broken must Mary's heart have been?

Have you ever stopped to think what the day after Jesus’ crucifixion must have been like for his mother? The pain, the grieving, the horrific images of watching the torture and the hanging? Diane Tarantini imagined what Mary could have felt and she shares it on her website. On this day between Good Friday and…

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Fast Dogs

“Are you praying for them to come home, Daddy?” At the dinner table, Middle Child Drama Girl’s big brown eyes focused on my husband. She was talking about our two dogs—Daisy May and Little Paint Lou—the ones that ran away. At least once a month. This particular time, they’d been gone eight days. When Tony…

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The Widow’s Might

“You really should change the name of this place,” I told the young care provider when she entered the exam room. “To me, ‘Department of Digestive Diseases’ sounds like death.” The pretty young woman laughed, then explained the name was changed since so many people couldn’t figure out what “gastroenterology” was. She turned to my…

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Oh, How He Loves

She was only 18, our first-born daughter, when she flew alone for the first time. Her destination wasn’t Florida or even California. It was farther. Much. She’d cross the equator and continue on to the Southern Hemisphere, to Peru where she’d teach English for three months in a small school located in Huancayo. It was…

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